Chocolate Can Give Your Brain a Sexually Charged Rush

Chocolate craving is in your head – literally. Scientists have discovered why chocolate is the number one item desired by American women. Have you ever wondered why when you’re in the mood for love, you reach for chocolate as a substitute?

Chocolate triggers a certain response in your brain; from its rich creamy texture, its intoxicating aroma, to its one of a kind taste. Even the fat content enhances the flavor in chocolate, and curbs your want for fatty foods. But let’s get to the bottom of why you reach for chocolate when you’re in the mood for love.  Two eating choco strawberry

Think about how you feel when you’re in love; you feel nervous, your blood pressure and heart rate increase. In other words, you feel a kind of euphoric rush, and high. Yes, high; the kind of high that mimics the effects of the use of marijuana. This is due to the endorphins and caffeine that are natural components of chocolate.

Both caffeine and the endorphin, theobromine, cause the “sweaty palm” nervousness you experience when you think of or near the object of your desire. But the endorphin, phenylethlamine (PEA), causes the heart swoon with the feeling of being in love and stimulates your desire for love.

So follow your heart and give in to your passions for chocolate and love.

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